Sunday, December 2, 2012

Best of Bandcamp, Christmas Edition: A Little Affair

Holiday Music Recommendations

For those riding through the northwest this winter, you might want to prepare yourself with a good playlist of Christmas themed music, and by good, I mean everything except the shit you'll find on the radio.

A Little Affair is a three piece alternative rock outfit from Woodstown, NJ, composed of members Ben Hughes, Ryan Buzby, and Tom Cochran. Having recently released a holiday album, "So This is Christmas", A Little Affair helps to make this December a month to celebrate, especially for us radio-weary listeners (anyone up for some more of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You"? Or perhaps another replay of that song about the kid who wants a hippopotamus for Christmas? No? I thought not). With songs like "Carol of the Bells", a winter classic, made fresh like newly fallen snow, it's easy to get that Santa spirit back.

Soothing vocals make A Little Affair's cover of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" something to listen to while curled up on a sofa with a blanket around you and a mug of cinnamon-sprinkled hot chocolate. The gentle but steady rhythm of the acoustic guitar softens the song into a tune that fills you up with a kind of warmth that can only be felt when holding the one you love.

Though you can download the album for any price you like, including zero dollars, I would personally recommend that you donate a little, even if only a dollar to buying it. All of the profits, and I mean 100% of them, goes to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. Good cause + good music = good decision. Find their "So This is Christmas" at their bandcamp here and get it today.

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