Sunday, December 9, 2012

Philadelphia Bands A Fistful of Sugar

Music Review

Warm earthy vocals and a folky-bluegrass accompaniment combine in A Fistful of Sugar's music. Made up of members Meaghan Kyle, Jess McDowell, The Reverend TJ McGlinchey, Will Mills, Mike Shax, and Lisa Watson, this happy-go-lucky band has what it takes to get your heartstrings plucked out like a bass string. 

This ragtag crew of singers and musicians make some of the best toe-tapping tunes out there while also creating some of the sweetest, crooning melodies around. Full, rich vocal harmonies and traditional bluegrass instrumentals help to bring a variety to the sounds they create, which, as they put it, "range from the syrupy-sweet to the gritty and swampy." 

Songs like "Miss Impossible-to-See" have a lovely, lonely, yearning ring to them, while others like "Mourning Dove" get your fingers snapping along to the old fashioned country melody. I was lucky enough to be in the same studio as these talented artists during their official recording of "Mourning Dove", which sounds fuller with more layers of percussion and instrumentals. Hopefully A Fistful of Sugar will release an album soon for purchase so that I can get these guys on my iPod for some perfect driving-on-a-Sunday-morning music.

In the meantime, check out their ReverbNation and give their facebook a glance. This fun and friendly group of people have collectively sunny personalities and amazing talent that is only self-evident in their production of music. I hope to have an official recording of their song "Mourning Dove" available soon for you guys to check out, but trust me, it's definitely something worth waiting for.

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